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There is much we can still do to serve from the safety of our own homes


To provide items for an activity pack please click the button below that will take you to our Amazon Activity Packs List. You will then pick items for children from 1-17 years old to purchase. Those items will be delivered to their social worker to protect their privacy. If there is something you would like to purchase not on this list, or something that you think should be on that list for other volunteers to choose from, please contact us at


To volunteer as a tutor please contact us at! We need people who will be very patient with the students they interact with, and be willing to explain things in different ways. We are so grateful for all those willing to help these kids succeed in school!

In your email please include the following so we can pair you with a student:

  • How many students are you able to provide support to?

  • What type of schedule are you able to commit to? For example, meet every day 
    (virtually) for 30 minutes, one a week, etc.

  • What age level are you able to provide support to?

  • What can you help with? For example, reading, math, science, art, accessing technology (like google classroom and other learning sites online).


With schools closed, those children, and their families, lose that dependable source for food, educational resources, and routine. Many districts are finding ways to provide, but are reaching out for support to their community partners like us. Our volunteers have always been generous with in-kind donations, but due to health concerns most places cannot accept them right now. For now the one sure option left is cash donations! Your donation will go towards feeding vulnerable children and youth, and providing stationary supplies to children still in school but without access to an online option. If you feel you can give anything, then click the button below!

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