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the transition gap

The stats surrounding transitional youth are alarming 

Whether it is moving schools due to being placed into to a new foster family, transitioning out of foster care, moving in with a family relative, or a refugee adjusting to a new culture, transitioning is tough. Reach Out Today currently has 2 initiatives to deal with transitional issues.  


First, young people who age out of foster care or leave neglectful/abusive homes face many challenges transitioning to adulthood. Unfortunately becoming homeless is a reality for too many of these youth. Reach Out Today is partnering with The Salvation Army and other organizations to create not only much needed housing for these youth, but providing a home through supportive programs that assist them in navigating through this transition.


Lastly, our Family First Kits. Children entering the foster care system and those exiting to be reunified with their biological families struggle to connect/reconnect. Young refugee youth without families to support them end up alone in a new country with a new family who may not understand them. Both of these groups of transitioning children and youth can benefit from fun and meaningful experiences. To facilitate an easier transition, we provide Family First Kits.

Each kit will have passes or tickets to fun events/venues, vouchers for dinner, and items such as coloring books and games for the home. These kits will provide the opportunity for children and youth to have a better chance in transitioning to their new life. If you are a case worker and would like to request a kit for a family please email us at

Transition anchor

Special thanks
to the generous corporations that have made our Family First Kits possible

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