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ReachOut was founded by two friends with the determination to give back to the community that gave them, and their families, so much. John Carter and Eric Porter met as young men serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Korea. Seeing the suffering of the children and youth in Korea opened their eyes and their hearts to the needs of the world. They decided then to make a difference. Years later, both John and Eric's families faced physical struggles. The support from their friends, families, and community was overwhelming. To give back they started ReachOut in 2017. 

ReachOut's mission is to identify and alleviate the gaps in services surrounding vulnerable children and at-risk youth to provide relief and hope.  

To identify the gaps in services ReachOut collaborates with other non-profits, school workers, social workers and others that labor for the welfare of vulnerable children and youth. As a result of this work ReachOut has established 4 programs: Feed the Gap, Clothe the Gap, The Hygiene Gap, and The Transition Gap. In addition to the projects and initiatives within these programs, ReachOut assists in individual cases of need based on requests made through our partners and concerned parties. 


ReachOut's purpose is to IDENTIFY GAPS within our communities surrounding vulnerable children and youth and then take action!

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