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the hygiene gap

Reach Out Today seeks to ensure that children have the confidence and self worth they deserve

Can you imagine not washing your hair for months and possibly years at a time? Can you imagine sharing your toothbrush with your whole family? Can you imagine sharing your deodorant with your dad and 3 brothers?

Unfortunately these are things we see and hear everyday.


Our Hygiene Packs provide basic tools for maintaining personal care. These packs are distributed by counselors in school. 


These boxes contain, as the name suggests, hygiene items for a family of 6 people. We use them primarily to uplift refugee families being relocated to Utah. 


1 in every 4 girl is experiencing period poverty. Many choose not to come to school while on their period due to lack of period supplies and to avoid humiliation. Some use substitute like socks, toilet paper, and towels. When these girls do get supplies they ration them and extend the life of pads or tampons past healthy standards. Both of these practices, created out of necessity, can cause infection. We create Period Packs in cute, and discreet bags, for school administrators to give these girls and allow them to stay in school and get an education. 



Believe it or not some children and youth struggle to wash their hair due to lack of hot water and shampoo. Reach Out Today provides pop-up hair salons to wash, cut and style the hair of students invited by counselors during school. Our salons have also come to transitional homes for youth. These salons boost confidence, self esteem and individual worth!


Our Hair Care Packs are given out at our Pop-Up Salons.  Many children living in impoverished homes don't have access to hair care. Our packs provide the basic tools to assist these children and youth in caring for their hair and being more confident in themselves. 

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