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Furnish THE GAP

Reach Out Today believes anyone can give to their community

Furnish the Gap coordinates with social workers in the Granite School District to identify the gaps of individuals and families that can be furnished by others.

With our Furnish the Gap Program, we bring community members who have unused and forgotten items together with families that are in need. We do not offer a removal or delivery service. Instead our role is to seek out the need and connect that need with willing donors. These generous individuals not only donate their items, but go one step further by delivering it themselves. Witnessing the difference you can make is humbling and rewarding.

How many of us have furniture and other items sitting around unused or forgotten? Please ask yourself whether this item could become someone else’s treasure?

In addition, our Welcome Packs are given out by school counselors for children struggling to transition. Whether it is moving schools due to being placed into to a new foster family, moving in with a family relative, or a refugee adjusting to a new culture, it's tough. Our Welcome Packs have proven to make a difference!

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