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during covid-19

Vulnerable families have become even more vulnerable in the isolation caused by COVID-19

Our mission is to identify gaps in the community surrounding vulnerable children and youth, then take action to close them. With the COVID-19 crisis those gaps have changed and, with it, so have we. 

In order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, and with the closing of public schools, our 4 regular programs have been temporarily suspended/modified. The needs of Utah's most vulnerable children and at-risk youth are, however, even higher. Our 4 new COVID-19 programs are designed to alleviate those needs while keeping everyone safe from disease.  

Playing with Toys


Many vulnerable families are needing even more support then usual during this time. Cramped homes, increased poverty, children at home without supervision, strained family relationships, and sadly domestic violence have also increased dues to COVID-19. We need volunteers to purchase items for "activity packs" to help reduce the tension that has increased due to self isolation. To serve these children (range from 1-17 years old) then just click the button below and you select items from our Amazon Activity Packs List from the safety of your home!

talking on phones


With all school and school work being done from home, students don't have the same resources for help. ReachOut is recruiting volunteers to provide tutoring  specifically for children who’s parents don’t speak English and cannot give the needed extra help for homework. Translators have said this is a real issue that causes many children anxiety. Individuals willing to help would give 30 minutes once a day OR once a week to go through the child’s school work. No experiences or credentials necessary to volunteer!

School Supply


The Ogden School District has a high rate of poverty, and many families in that area don’t have access to the internet or useful devices. The District doesn’t have funds to provide each student's family a device or internet access so they are left with doing a non-online version of home school. This requires stationary supplies some students don't have. ReachOut has committed to equip Ogden's students with all school stationary supplies needed to be educationally successful while at home.


FEED THE GAP modified

We are still determined to provide food for the vulnerable children and youth of Utah. In the past we have been able to run this program off generous volunteer groups who put together family food packs. Due to safety concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we can no longer accept this kind of donation. However, the problem still persists. We are still sending food to Districts in need, but can now only accept monetary donations to "Feed the Gap."

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